Note Cards & Reproductions

Many of my paintings and pastels have been used on note cards and greeting cards over the past thirty years, published by various companies at different times.  Today Huckleberry Farm Studios publishes a number of images in note card form and offers cards produced by William, James & Co. for purchase on our Square Marketplace site. Please click on this link to place an order:  Square Marketplace

In 2016 Stonehenge Designs   of Portland, Oregon began publishing my images in a new line of cards entitled "Painted Moments" .  Please click on their link to see and purchase my images coupled with appropriate quotes on beautifully designed cards that include a tear off bookmark! 

Huckleberry Farm Studios Note Cards:

Each card and envelope is 5” x 7”, printed on nice heavy card stock
4.00 each 
free shipping on all cards

"A Day Begins"


Looking-web.jpg       Pensee_web.jpg
"Looking for the Door to Summer"               "Pensee"

Being-Still-card-with-stroke.jpg       Rosehips-card-with-stroke.jpg
"Being Still"                                                      "Observation #5-Rosehips"

Telling-Truths-with-stroke.jpg        Winter-card-with-stroke.jpg

"Telling Truths"                                                 "Winter"

Teatime-with-stroke.jpg      Watching-web.jpg
"Teatime with T.S. Eliot"                                                           "Watching Birds"

blackbirds-webimage-with-st.jpg       cardentwined-webimage-w-stroke.jpg 
"Blackbirds"                                                    "Entwined"

cardhome-webimage-w-stroke.jpg       cardmilk-webimage-w-stroke.jpg
 "Home"                                                              "Milk"

cardsunporch-webimage-w-stroke.jpg       cardyielding-webimage-w-stroke.jpg
"Sunporch"                                                      "Yielding"

cardopen-eyes-webimage-w-stroke.jpg       cardopen-heart-webimage-w-strok.jpg
"Open Eyes"                                                  "Open Heart"

cardopen-mind-webimage-w-stroke.jpg       Catmint-webimage-with-strok.jpg
"Open Mind"                                                      "Catmint"

Daybook-webimage-with-strok.jpg      Outer-Cat-webimage-with-str.jpg
"Daybook"                                                     "Outer Cat"

The-Naturalist-web-image-wi.jpg       Winter-Mornings-web-image-w.jpg     
 "The Naturalist"                                       "Winter Mornings"


 1living_on_the_edge_w_stroke.jpg        making-beds-web.jpg

"Living on the Edge (Of a Continent)"                                     "Making Beds"                                               

1past_future_w_stroke.jpg          washing-dishes-web.jpg
"Past-Future-Eternity"                                                                 "Washing Dishes"

 1the_place_w_stroke.jpg          last-summer-notes-web.jpg
   "The Place"                                                                                    "The Last Summer Notes"

neighborhood-web.jpg        Robins-card-square-2.jpg
"Neighborhood"                                               "Robins Bring News of the Coming Spring"

Hunters-card-square-2.jpg        Signs-of-Spring-card-square-2.jpg
"Hunters"                                                           "Signs of Spring"

State-of-Mind-card-square-2.jpg        Swooping-card-square-2.jpg
"State of Mind"                                                 "Swooping"

"Winged Hearts Inside a Hawthorne Tree"                    



The cards below were published by William, James & Co.  

5" x 7" blank cards and envelopes
3.50 each

Beach-Pastimes.jpg      Events-of-the-Day.jpg
Beach Pastimes                                                                          Events of the Day  Here-and-Afar.jpg       Rainy-Day-Consolations-web.jpg
Here and Afar                                                                             Rainy Day Consolations    


  Journey-Within-a-Journey.jpg     the-hall-Table-web.jpg
   Journey Within a Journey                                                     The Hall Table

Lights-in-the-Night.jpg      Pilgrim.jpg

Lights in the Night                                                               Pilgrim

                                      Traveling Companions

                                        Two Kinds of Knowledge

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Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.
Oscar Wilde



Almost any pastel, oil painting or photograph that you have seen on a card,
in a calendar, in a book or on this website is available as an archival inkjet print/reproduction. 
They are all printed with the highest quality materials, signed and shipped flat, ready for framing.

Archival Reproductions:    
7" x 11"  for 50.00
14" x 20"  for 95.00


11" x 14" for 105.00
15" x 20" for 175.00

For more information, please email me 

To order a reproduction or photograph please go to  Square Marketplace