Pandemic Update


I am writing on May 14th, 2020. Anyone who comes to this site after today will have experienced the unprecedented changes wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic thus far  No one on earth has been spared and I take this opportunity to wish everyone who may find themselves reading this my best wishes and hopes for your health and safety now and in the forthcoming months during which we will undoubtedly continue to feel the effects of the virus. I have been blessed during this time to have work to do, at home, in my studio, for an exhibition that was scheduled six months ago for August of the this year at White Bird Gallery in Cannon Beach, OR.  Although much of the work was conceived and started before the middle of March, I cannot help but see much of my new painting’s content in light of the courrent situation.  It has changed all ouf our perspectives.  I am looking forward to sharing this work with you come August.  It is yet to be revealed whether there will be a gallery showing or not, but certainly the work will be availble to view on line.  More details will be available in a couple of months. 

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Best Wishes,
Deborah and Carl