My work is available for licensed use.  My photographs have been featured in calendars every year since 1994 and many of my paintings and pastels have appreared on book covers and in magazines, as well as being the subject of calendars. I have created commissioned artwork for book covers and website logos.   Each project is a little different and requires personal treatment and an individual fee structure.  With so many years experience I have gained understanding and flexibilty at working with a varied list of clients, big and small.   

If you have a project that needs artwork of the style and subject you find here on my website, please contact me to discuss your ideas.  


I have also worked with individuals to create a piece of artwork for their home, office or as a gift for someone special.   It is a privilege to create something unique and personal that connects the thoughts and ideas of another person with my style and point of view.  If you are interested in exploring this option, please contact me.

“Carl” portrait of the artist’s husband