Huckleberry Farm Studios moves to a new home

For a while we have been working through the difficult decision to leave our beloved home and land on Nehalem Bay which has been such an inspiration to our lives and work for the past 14 years. Growing any older there did not seem possible given the amount of attention the land needed to stay healthy and the house to remain in its lovingly restored condition. It was time to turn it over to new custodians. In April Carl and I moved to a comfortable house in the Manzanita area and put Huckleberry Farm up for sale. Our new home has a great studio space and is close to the beach, forests and river that we love as well as still being in the community we have come to belong to.

I will continue to paint, and Carl will continue with projects that come his way. And we will keep the Huckleberry Farm Studios professional name as a reminder of the huge influence that place has had on us personally and artistically.

Our mailing address remains the same: PO Box 456, Manzanita, Oregon 97130

Slowly we’ll make changes to the website but for now Huckleberry Farm is still deep in our hearts and we have yet to discover what comes next!