Carl Vandervoort is an independent filmmaker, freelance videographer and editor. His main work has been directing, shooting and editing training and development films for organizations like Head Start, Northwest Natural Gas, Growing Gardens, First Unitarian Church and the Oregon Department of Education. In the 90s he was Post-Production Supervisor for Creative Media Development in Portland. Over the years he has produced four feature-length documentaries on subjects as diverse as the friendship between people with very different life stories but similar experiences, to the juxtaposition of a year in an artist's studio with a year in a restored wetland. If you are interested in buying a DVD or ordering a preview copy, please email Carl directly.


Wetlands - Seasons of Mind
is a film about art and the environment, the story of a year in the studio and a year in the "postage-stamp wilderness," a former dairy farm near our home, which is being restored to wet prairie and oak savannah by Ash Creek Forest Management. Supported by grants from the Regional Arts & Culture Council and Clean Water Services. Music directed by Jim Leisy.
2010 - 52 minutes
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Making Music

Making Music - The Art & Craft of David Rivinus
 follows the making and delivery to the National Music Museum of one of a unique viola. A classically trained violin maker, David Rivinus developed the Pelegrina to help musicians who, at the height of their musical virtuosity, were finding playing disablingly painful due to the ergonomic challenges of their instrument. With interviews and performances by musicians whose careers have been saved by David's innovations and featuring music by Tracy Silverman. Co-Directed with Christopher Ley.
2009 - 48 Minutes
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All We're Asking for is Peace

Lo Que Pedimos Es La Paz - All We're Asking for is Peace
tells the story of a Unitarian choir from Portland on a cultural and humanitarian trip to Havana. Cubans have a rich musical tradition and many choirs, who with the Americans are able to transcend differences between their governments by sharing their gift of music. This program has been featured on Cuban television. Original music by Mona Warner.
2004 - 37 Minutes - Bilingual in Spanish and English
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Olivia and Tim

Olivia & Tim - Very Much Alive
explores a friendship between two people who have each lived with stigmatizing diseases. Olivia Breitha was diagnosed with leprosy and exiled to Molokai in 1934. Tim Baker found out he had AIDS in 1988. Over the course of visits to each other's homes, in Kalaupapa and Honolulu, they share stories and time together, shedding light on how all of us can face life's sorrows and joys with courage and often humor. Produced with Anwei Skinsnes Law of I.D.E.A and Co-Directed with Christopher Ley.
1994 - 50 Minutes
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